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OPEN 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm

Extended hours during festivals, events and certain weekends!

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4510 220th Trail, Amana, Iowa 52203

(319) 622-3018





About The Noble Stone

The Noble Stone is located in Amana, Iowa. We have been providing collectible rocks, geodes, fossils, gemstones, crystals, minerals and other earthen treasures for many years. We also offer jewelry and other novelties from all over the world!

We pride ourselves on having the best items for the best prices possible! We truly are a business for the customers and we try to provide a very fun and friendly atmosphere whether it's from mining for your own treasures to buying a big show piece for your collection or home decor! If you are ever near the Amana Colonies in Iowa, please visit and experience our wonderful store firsthand! We love meeting people from all over the world and exchanging stories!

 Our Story

Ithiel and Jenise Catiri are the proud owners of The Noble Stone and they also own Catiri's Art Oasis, which is next door to The Noble Stone. They first moved to the Amana Colonies in the early 2000's and opened up Catiri's Art Oasis and decided they wanted to open another shop about something they were both passionate about, ROCKS! This resulted in the eventual opening of Edelstein Treasures - The Noble Stone and it was at first located in the basement of Catiri's Art Oasis till they moved to the location where we are at now! In their spare time Ithiel and Jenise love to spend time with their family, their two cats (Meila and Milo), gardening, cooking and traveling all over the world! They are people who are constantly busy and truly enjoying life to its fullest!