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Edelstein Treasures


Costa Rican Wooden Jewelry

The incredible beauty of the rainforest can be enjoyed in it's exotic woods. This jewelry is all natural, with no stains and beautifully finished with bee's wax. Not only do they have a soft and comfortable finish, but the designs are exquisite. This a very progressive company in Costa Rica that is very conscience about how they collect the wood, the worker's environment is incredible, with great ventilation and benefits, and they send representative to Paris to stay current with the latest fashion.

This light weight exotic wood jewelry complements a woman's natural beauty by offering a classic touch of nature itself. Each piece is interchangeable and matches each other, yet is totally unique and one-of -a-kind due to the grain pattern and natural color of the wood. Each piece is beautifully designed, hand-crafted piece and top quality. A percentage of Azul World Treasures sales of Costa Rican wood products goes back to planting trees in Costa Rica. So you can adorn yourself and your friends with beautiful objects of art while saving the rainforest!